Are You Suffering From Depression/Anxiety

Where Your At

You will be experiencing exaggerated worries and fearing the worst with almost every situation.

You will feel low in spirits which cant be explained. Your feelings of depression / anxiety can often be accompanied by physical symptom’s, such as headaches, muscle tension and stomach discomfort. You may also endure panic attacks with feelings of unease to every situation that requires effort.

The Problems Your Experiencing Right now

You will feel overwhelmed and low in spirits which will affect your daily life experiences. With depression/anxiety you will almost certainly experience all sorts of symptoms including,

  • Insomnia
  • Inability to relax
  • Excessive worry about money, health, work and family
  • Expecting the worst outcome in many situations, i.e. Is my sporting career finished

How We Can Help You Right Now

Is to be mentally and emotionally pain free…and to seek professional help from experts who know the language of the pain you are experiencing. You are not alone in your quest to be mentally free of this disease. In many cases a combination of approaches may be required to reduce the severity of your pain and suffering from nutritional supplementation to emotion wellbeing.

What You Need Help With Right Now

What would help you right now is to understand that your feelings of depression and anxiety can be overcome with expert help, and fast. More and more people are complaining about depression so your not alone. Basically there are two types of depression.

One type is the person who is agitated and they cannot concentrate and seem tizzy. They feel like their body is moving at high speed but they cannot get anything done. Depression is associated with low levels of serotonin. People with low levels of this hormone are more likely to harm themselves so its important to seek HELP FAST.

Another type is the person who feels low. They cry easily, they cry to themselves for no reason with no obvious cause. They avoid people and become reclusive.

When we established the root cause to which type fits you best we will endeavour to clear you emotionally and physical to perform at you best again.

How Can The “Overcome Depression and Anxiety” Package Help You?

If you attended our free 30 minute taster session, we would have explained how the muscles all correspond to different organs of the body and how we use therapy localization to find if an injured area needs treating or not on the body. We don’t always know what is wrong with our patient and the patient doesn’t know what is wrong either. But the body knows subconsciously, what`s wrong.

Therapy localization is a way of the body asking the body what is wrong.

The` how to overcome depression and anxiety package help you` will start with a detailed questionnaire to establish where you are now and where you`d like to be in the future. We need to understand how your current feelings are affecting you mentally and emotionally to daily life experiences as well as your sporting career. At Goodvitality we look to treat the person structurally, nutritionally and emotionally so as to really find the root cause to this devastating illness. We will possibly use herbs, Aromatherapy, nutrition, affirmations, emotional stress release and psychological reversal plus Luscher colour test. Whatever method we use will be bespoke to you personally. We want you to be successful in all walks of life personally and professionally.

The way you will feel will be transformed!

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