Brain Gym for Sports Performance

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Sports men and women often come to us because they have either been injured or are struggling to improve their sports performance after some considerable amount of time following the advice of their coaching staff. They see small gains in motivation, self confidence and self esteem, but seem to have reached a plateau in their capabilities. This is because you are approaching this issue from the outside and not the inside where mind and body become as one to reach YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL.

Its this inner awareness that’s unleashed to create opportunities and improved motivation to become WINNERS.

The Problems Your Experiencing Right now

Right now, you are struggling week in and week out to stand out from the crowd, to shine, and be proficient in your competitive career to no avail. Listed below could be some of what you are experiencing.

  • Lack self esteem
  • Unable to fully focus on task ahead
  • Set future goals constructively
  • Lack motivation
  • Lack forward vision
  • You feel powerless to Score goals
  • Lack energy and vitality
  • Incapable to think fast on the field of play
  • Unable to release flowing ideas
  • Unable to decipher information at high speed.

These are just some of the questions you may asking yourself.

How We Can Help You Right Now

We help our clients using BRAIN GYM. This is another type of kinesiology which uses simple exercises that helps release internal neural network to perform at high levels consistently. This method optimises your health and well being to levels rarely experienced by athletes and sports persons alike.

This technique was developed by Psychologist’s Paul and Gail Dennison USA to help children with dyslexia, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), ADD (attention deficit disorder) and dyspraxia to remove inhibited behaviour to daily activities. This is now widely used in UK schools on a basic level.

We at Goodvitality have adopted this method as our preferred way to help athletes excel.

It is very diverse in its approach to achieving complete health in mind and body. This uses the persons body / limbs as a biofeedback as to what does and doesn’t work for them. As an example, an athlete has a goal in mind he can feel and sense what is holding them back. When we release these blocks he/she may move forward into new opportunities with good confidence to attain their goal. I personally introduce what is known as the SMART principle

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Attainable
R – Realistic
T – Time related

So the athlete and myself can consistently monitor results. It is a fact that the brain always wants to learn to adapt to new challenges whilst feeling the sense of accomplishment on the task in mind. The positive results achieved are outstanding to everyone who see the before and after effect of the goal.

This is where Brain Gym works, its not reactive in its approach, but quite the reverse, its proactive because it allows the individual to take responsibility for the performance related issues that cause them concern.

To sum up how we can help you?

Life is about risks and with BRAIN GYM we take these risks or chances knowing that positive actions feels right for you to fulfil your ambition.

What You Need Help With Right Now

You need professional help to improve your performance, to be mentally and emotionally balanced to the job at hand. You need to know what switches the brain ON and how to integrate the brain hemispheres for continuity of performance issues.

How “Brain Gym for Sports Performance” Package Help You?

If you attended our free 30 minute taster session, we would have explained how the muscles all correspond to different organs of the body and how we use therapy localization to find an injured area that needs treating or not on the body. Similarly we use muscle testing to instantly assess what is holding the person back from accomplishing their particular goal. We then ask the body what bespoke exercises and techniques help release the athlete to feel confident about attaining their goal. Once these exercises have been done correctly and fulfilled a weak muscle then becomes strong indicating that improvement has been acknowledged in the body to achieve their desired outcome.

We at Goodvitality use authentic muscle testing to ascertain what does and doesn’t work for someone using Brain gym. It takes the guess work out of the hands of the athlete, and provides them with the answers they seek to SHINE in their chosen sport.

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