Have You Lost Your Energy

Where Your At

You are training hard and following all the advice the conditioning coach recommends, but you feel as if your energy is draining away. This may have been going on unnoticed for weeks or months. And it gradually worsens. Eventually you struggle along looking for answers yourself. Then you decide to watch your elder peers to see how they express their energy. But your still none the wiser.

We at Goodvitality understand that we live at the bottom of the sea of boundless energy. Its knowing how to tap into this extraordinary vibration that we improve your game.

The Problems Your Experiencing Right now

  • Your needing more rest between training and competition
  • You are fatigued
  • You feel miserable and frustrated
  • Worry your competitors will overtake you
  • Constant mind chatter on how to regain your zest.

How We Can Help You Right Now

Energy is everywhere, but modern day experts still look for the magic pill whether through electrical stimulation or a far away mountain retreats to refresh the body. There is nothing wrong with this, however at Goodvitality we ask the body what it needs to regain this lost vibration through muscle testing to find the cause to your particular issue.

What You Need Help With Right Now

Is to have lots of energy at your disposal. Goodvitality use many methods to understand how you became low in energy, and to this end we will ender to reach satisfactory conclusion through testing the Chakra system, the mental and emotional system, the structural system, the endocrine system and the acupuncture system.

As you can see there are many techniques to investigate. Kinesiology addresses this through the priority system of the body to find the right one for you personally… its likened to peeling an onion, their are many layers to strip away, happily more often than not one of these systems will hold the key to your low energy.

How Can The “Have You Lost Your Energy” Package Help You?

If you attended our free 30 minute taster session, we would have explained how the muscles all correspond to different organs of the body and how we use therapy localization to find areas of imbalance. We don’t always know what is wrong with our patient and the patient doesn’t know what’s wrong either. But the body knows subconsciously , what’s wrong.

The have you lost your energy package will start with a questionnaire to see where you are right now and where you’d like to be. This is very important so we can both monitor your progress through the treatment sessions. Each treatment session will be bespoke to you and we don’t presume to treat everyone the same.

Goodvitality uses systematic kinesiology, as it is one of the fastest growing fields in natural health therapies. It is complete natural healthcare system using muscle testing to identify what the body needs to restore and maintain health and wellbeing. The restoration of balance is achieved using kinesiology balancing techniques that address four keys areas of the body.

On this package we aim to provide you with lots of energy to perform your sporting duties.

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