Success Stories

I had a great consultation with David this morning, I was so surprised at how many things can be dealt with and “fixed” with his therapy. Very excited to see what the next few sessions can do for me & my health issues/phobias.

I am convinced these results will be truly life changing for me. Very impressed with David & his work already. And also, what a nice guy !

Charmaine Dormon

I initially visited David to see if he could help with my young sons OCD which he assured me he could.

Much to my delight not only did he help my son but also flagged ailments of my own which I was aware of but hadn’t thought to seek help for.. so now David is treating me and my son and I have to say the results have been amazing from even just a few visits!

Really recommend David and his methods as he can treat much more than you would expect.

Jennifer De Ath

Went to see David a few days ago. I will admit I was sceptical as I didn’t really know what to expect but I am so glad I went. I felt instantly comfortable with him and he explained everything to me clearly. Within 15 minutes of being there he had found things that it took the doctors years to diagnose me with.

I didn’t tell David at the time but I had been having some quite severe pain and he straight away pointed to the point where the pain was and said that there was a problem with my adrenal glands which I had no idea were located at the sight of pain.

I found the whole taster session extremely interesting, very relaxing and reassuring. I have been to the doctors many times and have always been palmed off with tablets. David is the first person to say “I can help cure you” and this is the first time I have felt positive about a treatment.

I would highly recommend David. Even from a taster session I came away knowing more about myself and with a more positive outlook on my condition and I think that alone is a miracle!

Rebecca Joy

I can’t recommend David enough. I have just been to see him this morning for my 20 year phobia of Rats. It has been so bad over the years that it has seriously affected holidays and time spent with family, if we have been in parks etc where I’m worried I may be more likely to encounter them. I have to say I was quite sceptical as I wondered how a 20 year crippling phobia could be fixed in one session. However there was no need as it appears to have worked. I’m shocked but incredible grateful.

I tested myself afterwards by walking down a path i usually have trouble walking down and found that I was relaxed and confident. David put me at easy and spent more than the allocated time with me to ensure he had cured every aspect of my phobia. He was professional and really knowledgable. He pointed out other areas of weakness in the body and I’m in the process of arranging a weight loss session with a group of friends as he is able to help with that too. Highly recommend him.

Sarah Field

I first visited David in December as I was having a number of issues and feeling completely out of whack. My friend suggested a kinesiologist as she had received great results.

I found David to be very helpful, informative and accessible. On my first visit we addressed the most important issues and removed some vitamins that I was taking that were unnecessary. I have had 3 more visits, my fourth coming up and am definitely feeling healthier. With each visit we address different areas things that a GP wouldn’t even consider. I am a huge believer of alternative therapies and this is one of the most effective I have tried. David is always available and happy to answer questions/address concerns out side of my visits. He is also more reasonably priced than some others in his field.

The most amazing result I got was a pain in my back disappeared during my second visit that I have had for a very long time. This treatment is able to address all types of problems from physical to mental. I would highly recommend.

Loraine Gratias – Billericay

I can honestly say that i was very sceptical before visiting David but after just a few minutes in his company i felt relaxed and reassured, the session helped me greatly, mainly identifying a wheat intolerance that had been the root cause of many of my health issues. David is professional and courteous and a pleasant change from the NHS doctors who time after time fob the public off with yet another course of antibiotics.

Thank you David i would gladly use you again and recommend you to one and all.

S Haughan - South East

I went to see David as i was grieving over the loss of my baby boy. I had been heartbroken for 5 years now and it just would not stop.

I was reluctant to have any work done on me but i knew i needed some help. I was really surprised with the results after just 1 visit to David. The next day i felt compelled to call him and tell him the good news. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to others.

Julie.S – Brentwood, Essex

I am a 53 yr old woman who has suffered from a weak knee that ached and felt as if it was about to give way, I was introduced to David who explained what it was he practised. I must say I was very sceptical at first but he offered a demonstration which I accepted.

To this day I have no idea how it worked as he didn’t appear to do anything other than talk but work it did and I have been pain free for the past 2 weeks. Before this I could not put any pressure on my knees but now I have no problem kneeling down. I am still amazed and at a loss to explain it but if you have a pain or a persistent ache then I would highly recommend trying David treatment.
many thanks

Christine – Basildon

I confirm that David Ison worked with my daughter prior to her taking her 6th Driving test.

The outcome of her test was successful and she felt that the work that she had done with David played a large part in her being able to pass her Driving Test.

J. Borley Brentwood

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